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    Holiday Camp Price List

    5-12 Year Olds:

    1 Day = £20
    2 Days = £40
    3 Days = £50
    4 Days = £60
    Extra Days = £15 per day

    Tiger Cubs Camps (3-5 Year Olds):

    £10 per day.

    Extra Time (8.45am-4.15pm):

    £5 per day per child.


    Additional Children: 10% discount for each additional child (must be siblings)
    Early Booking: 10% discount off total amount if booked before 30th June 2019

    Payment can be made by cheque made payable to Sports Fever

    I accept that Sports Fever and their coaches are not under any liability for personal injury, loss or damage whilst participating in courses.
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    Holiday Camp booking – 1st child

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